After Hours Clinics

How does the After Hours Clinics work?

The After Hours Clinic is not an ordinary general practice. Please only call for emergencies! We treat patients in order of the highest medical emergency. That’s why you should always call first for an appointment. If you're coming in without an appointment, there is a large possibility your waiting time will be longer.

Are you worried and doubting whether it is safe to wait? You can always call us for advice, or visit, to find out what you can do yourself in the meantime. For all other inquiries, please contact your own (acting) GP.

Opening hours

The After Hours Clinic is open every day from 05.00 pm to 08.00 am. At weekends and on public holiday also during the day (24 hours).

Life-threatening situation? Call 1-1-2

For which reasons can you call?

Outside office hours and on public holidays you can call your After Hours Clinic for urgent problems such as:

  • acute occuring disturbing complaints
  • sudden severe pain
  • increasing complaints due to serious illness

Contact numbers

Bergen op Zoom
0164 - 27 38 55
076 - 50 40 444
0165 - 53 02 00


The rates of the After Hours Clinic are determined by the Dutch Healthcare Authority. The NZa is the supervisor of the State under the Health Tariffs Act. The NZa determines the size of the tariff on the basis of a budget to be approved by the regional health insurers. In West-Brabant these are CZ and UVIT. The rate is composed of an amount that the GP receives as a fee and other costs of which a part of the After Hours Clinic are paid off, e.g. housing, companycar, medical assistants, equipment.

Each contact with the After Hours Clinic, also by telephone, will be charged!

Treatment Rate
Telephone consultation € 25,00
Physical consultation € 110,75
Home visit € 166,12